About Us

  A tradition of excellence in 
  preserving and protecting the gift 
   of sight for you and your family.


Our Mission
“We understand that your sight is one of
your most precious gifts, and we want to
do everything we can to preserve it.”
Our mission is to serve our community
through our professional and service
By providing high quality eye care
services and products at an affordable
price. Our friendly, personal service is
what sets us apart from the rest of the
By using the latest technologies to
practice in the most thorough and
efficient manner. From our state-of-
the-art equipment to the highest quality
medical training, we offer only the best to
serve our patients.
By making ourselves available to
our patients. We provide convenient
office hours throughout the week and for
By listening and providing a comfortable
and friendly environment for our patients.
Professionals Who Care for You.
At Pasco Eye Institute, we select only the 
most qualified and caring individuals 
to join our team. Each member of 
our staff is dedicated to providing you 
with the very best care possible. We 
constantly strive to provide our 
patients with complete, high quality 

Dr Hauber and many of the Pasco Eye staff have participated in the Nobel Peace Prize nominated MEDICAL MISSION OF MERCY to Jucuapa, El Salvador. Dr Hauber was  the first Ophthalmologist  to go with the Mission in 1992, and most recently performed over 25 cataract operations with the Mission team in June, 2011.

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  • ms. carmen  says:

    do you offer free eye exam if not how much is an exam?
    thank you.

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