Macular Degeneration Treatment

How is Macular Degeneration Treated ?
The are  currently no treatments available to reverse dry macular degeneration.
Ways to help prevent Macular Degeneration:
  • AREDS Vitamins
  • Avoid Smoking
  • Control Blood Pressure
  • Wear Sunglasses
The Age Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS), sponsored by the National Eye Institute, revealed that high levels of antioxidants and zinc were effective in reducing the risk of advanced macular degeneration. See the link on this page for more information on AREDS Vitamins.
Checking an amsler grid weekly and seeing an Ophthalmologist yearly can help you detect
macular degeneration. See the Link on this page for a printable Amsler Grid to check at home. Remember to report any changes to your Ophthalmologist immediately.
Treatments for Wet Macular Degeneration:
  •  Laser surgery or photodynamic therapy (PDT) may be required in certain types of leakage to halt the progression and stabilize the vision.
  • Avastin and Lucentis are injections which are effective in stopping, and in some cases, reversing vision loss from macular degeneraion.
If “wet” macular degeneration is detected in one eye, there is a 10% chance each year, that the other eye will become involved. This is why it is very important to use the Amsler grid each day to detect distortion.
Good illumination devices and magnifiers may help to maximize the central and peripheral vision in patients with macular degeneration.
Contact us today for more information on macular degeneration and available treatment.

Amsler Grid

Print this amsler grid for self examination.

Vitamin List

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